Hi there!

I’m Laurence, and I am currently based in Northwest Arkansas. When I’m not taking pictures, you can often find me thrifting, hitting up new local coffee spots, or making pottery. I lived in Malaysia for 11 years and have visited 9 countries across three continents, so far (big plans for 2019!) I completed my first solo trip to Europe (Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands) in 2018, so…I might be open to Stroopwafels as payment. ;)

I have a rescue pup, Sparta, who is scared of running water, eye contact, and hallways, but is really brave when it comes to barking at armadillos at 1 in the morning (true story). Spotify tells me my top 3 artists of 2018 were ODESZA, Drake, and Khalid. I’d like to think I’m musically diverse. HEH


So…why am I sharing these random facts about me?

Because I understand and appreciate the trust that you put in me to get your photos just right and I’m hoping with these little insights that you’ll start to see me as more than “just a photographer”. I am excited to get to know you, and want to collaborate with you to understand what your goals and needs are! To me, a successful photo shoot is one where you feel comfortable to be 100% genuine, and I’m able to capture the joy in the big things and in the little things.

From taking pictures of your furry family members, to celebrating your graduation, to sharing your wedding day or elopement (just say the word and we’ll go!), I can’t wait to meet you and start making magic happen!

Reach out here.