Traveling to Europe

After working on True Detective Season 3 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I found myself bored and with nothing to do, I started volunteering my time at a local community center. I manage their social media and such but that’s for another time. My friend worked there and one day both of us were like, LETS GO TRAVEL!

Onboard with Delta

Originally we were planning to go to Bali, but for $1300 a ticket, we decided to see where we could go with the same amount of money. We found we could fly to Madrid for only $530! So we were like, screw it. Lets go! Thus beginning our trip to Europe!

Did I ever tell you I freakin love traveling. Whether it’s by boat, train, car, bus, or plane?! I just love that in a few hours I can be transported to a whole difference state or country with different cultures and practices! I mean just driving four hours north from Fayetteville, I’d be in Kansas City, Missouri. Football, art, culture, beer, and alllllll that. Vastly different from Fayetteville. ANYWAY.

Flying to Europe. First time being in Europe so consider me STOKED. We fly from the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport or XNA to Atlanta International and then SPAIN!

Sunrise over Madrid

It was a fairly short flight clocking in at 8 hours and some change, ATL to MAD, we were offered a meal and a snack ! Since it was a red eye flight, weather was good, people were sleeping, and arriving in Madrid when the sun rose was lowkey a great way to start the trip!


Should I have wrote this blog while in Europe? Probably. Do I regret it? Nope! I really tried to not be that guy who posts literally EVERYTHING on his story. SO I can’t REALLY remember what Delta gave me on the flight.

That’s it for now. Not bad for a first blog post I suppose