Geylin and the Polar Vortex

Okay. I might’ve stretched that title. Definitely not up north or in the midwest, BUT here in Arkansas, temperatures dropped to the lower 30s and the real feel felt like it was in the teens, 100% was not ideal for a photoshoot where the model (Geylin) was wearing nothing but a blazer and really breathable airy pants. However she’s one hell of a trooper and we toughed it out. The wind was definitely blowing ICE cold and we’d actually had to pause here and there to get feeling back to our fingers and toes! It was that cold. Having no sun didn’t help either. Like it was pretty brutal. haha I think the photos that came out of them however….it definitely looks like its a lot warmer.

Unfortunately Geylin is leaving to Italy to study abroad! THOUGH we got one photoshoot in which was dope. On the flip side, we both agreed that the next shoot is going to be in Milan because I am heading to Italy while she’s there in March! Color me excited!


ANYWAY. We shot at Crystal Bridges in Bentonville, Arkansas, but in the photos it does look like it could be any place in Arkansas. Also small update. Everything is still highkey dead and brown. ( insert annoyed face here ) I cannot wait for spring to come and have everything back to being full of life and green. I mean we even tried a waterfall but it was so terribly dry AKA not flowing, we were gutted. 10/10 shooting outdoors in Arkansas is one tough task.

Here are some of the photos though. Enjoy!

Fancy 2
Fancy Coat
Fancy Back bend
Where did my phone go?