Madrid via Film


Here’s a little quick post of Madrid shot with some kodak color 200! Unfortunately I didn’t really shoot much of film in Europe due to the fact that we were just moving so much! I didn’t have time to switch from digital to film and then back. haha honestly I definitely suffered from the “brought too much gear” syndrome.

It really goes to show that sometimes you don’t really need all that gear to take a nice photo. The photographer is who makes the photo. Not the gear.


These photos were also taken with canon AE-1 Program with a 28mm 2.8! such a capable camera. I’m heading back to Europe, (we’ll be traveling to Rome, Prague, Halstatt, and Venice) with my mom in March, so I’m stoked! I think i’m gonna bring just my film camera! I don’t know how I feel about that since it’ll be my first time in all of those places…kinda don’t wanna miss things! But we’ll see. You know what they say, the best camera you have is the one in your pocket. So I’m also thinking bout getting some moment lenses, but they are hella expensive.

Anyway. Enjoy these photos!