Hi. How soon do can I rate my photos?

Good question! 

After every shoot, I will literally hand over my camera to you and you can go through every single photo and rate them!

So basically, as soon as we wrap up the shoot!

Are you willing to travel?

Uh...Yeah! Of course! Check out my pricing and travel page here.

How soon can I get my photos?

Now depending on the scope of the work, but usually takes a week! If there is any other sort of delay, you will always be notified way before hand!

What is your favorite color?


Would I get my files in a CD? flash drive?

It really depends on you! I will give you the files however you see fit.

If you want them on a floppy disk...well I'm gonna have to find quite a few floppy disks! and a floppy disk reader!

if you want them on a CD or flashdrive however, you can either provide me with one or there will be a $2 surcharge to cover the cost of the CD or flashdrive.

 But you get the idea!

What is it like working with you?

Well, I am very outgoing, I love meeting new people, and whenever you hire me, expect the most professional yet outgoing person you will ever meet.

I know no shame and will do anything to get the shot! But if you want to meet me in person, which is fine by me, click here and lets grab a cup of coffee!